9 thoughts on “WRITE US.

  1. Dudes,

    I love you guys first off. Second, Im Cory. I know CB and Brandon and am playing with them in Austin on the 25th. If you guys come through Austin (in spite of Brennan fucks) please hiut me up and I can help put together a show for you, that has integrity and some dollars.

    Chris, I have talked with you about yr cousins homegrown numerous times. My band Hat Talk played a show with you guys and Thou and Thank God, Trophy Wife, etc during sxsw a couple years ago…

    Hit me up

  2. I owe you guys food! You picked up my breakfast tab at fest 8. So I’ll be seeing you in bmore tonight with burritos in hand. Do you know what time the show starts?

  3. Please put the address of where you are playing, not just the name of the place when you post your tour places and dates. Some of these names are not found in the city’s yellow pages!

    • Hey jaime! We will probably be going to some kinda booking agency, (hopefully selma) I’ll post their contact when we have thing rolling…its probably not going to happen for a bout a year unfortunately.

  4. SUCH A GOOD TIME seeing you guys at Gallery 5 tuesday. I felt like I was the only drunk person there- but my excitement still welled up inside, and I think everyone elses did too as the set went on. beautiful stuff. I had my eyes closed half the time just to see the traces of imagery zipping around the back of my eyelids, born from your music.

  5. hey guys! if you’re touring europe soon, i can definetely help you out with shows in vienna and graz, austria! hope to meet you someday. best regards.

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