Hello again,

We just got back from our fall tour thingy, and i believe a hearty “THANK YOU” is in order…although, it would have been nice to have said this to everyone personally on this trip, thats not entirely realistic, so here goes…

I found myself in several conversations on this trip where I would marvel at the amount of effort that goes into our shows. By promoters, artists, show-goers, space owners, and friends. The hours that are put in that sometimes never get acknowledged, and the heart and hope that people have for each other to just have fun, and enjoy a social and creative experience that still exists despite the an overwhelming barrage of mass-media-consumer-overpopulation-overload….its actually quite amazing, and  i would come out of those conversations, and shows, thinking to myself, “I am so grateful, to still have this, sharing something that has always given me a light in the dark…..friends and music.”

We’d like to thank everyone we came across on this trip, your very important to what we do. This is a small microcosm of counter-culture, that has sustained itself, over the years, no matter our level of involvement, and I am beginning to understand how symbiotic it is.

The best shows I’ve ever been apart of, have always had this feeling that the whole room was alive, even the walls would sometimes sweat as if they were a body with a fever. The people watching become the players, and the players leaving themselves to join the room, as weird as it sounds it’s quite spiritual, and for a brief second, I realize I am a part of a real church. Something that existed before i was born, and something that has always supported me, no matter how strange I felt in my body, no matter how drunk or dark I had it, I could always strap on a guitar and unravel myself with friends and support. This is freedom, to be given an avenue, over the years to create and support music that we need, and take a natural joy away from. Quite literally we would have nothing without the people who help us, everyone from kids who drove three hours in crappy weather to see us, to promoters that work so hard at creating a space for people, that feels like their own. You may not get the love you deserve sometimes, but you’ll always have it from us.

yr pal,

pygmy lush

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