we’re home….

hey all,
We made it home in one piece. I am currently listening to my neighbors go ape shit wild, with their mormon bro party! Crackling thru my walls. Watching lord of the rings in the dark, mixed with maniacal laughter..its..aaah..well..its home…not much different than a couple of weeks ago actually. Um cats.
All of our hard work, getting together with eric before recording, going up to salem, figuring out how to record fourteen songs in four days, blankly staring at the artwork for weeks, trying to keep brian and shelby up to date, fixing the van, setting up the tour with carla, aimee and desark, going over old songs with eric, our two bands crash coursing new songs right up till we left….it was time well spent…rewarding, face paced, full of laughs, sometimes stressful..and totally worth it..six weeks is a long time to leave home and its good to have something to come home to, (cats) but still it seems as though the party is else where (next door) and I just wanna keep going.
Alas, much needed rest is being taken advantage of little by little, and soon (if not already) our (my) faculties will be back about us…
We have a couple of shows in may, and a fest in july already booked and plan doing several weekends over the summer! I’ll post the new show dates up tomorrow(ish)….See you soon!

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