Pygmy Lush/Des Ark updated Spring Tour dates!!!!

Pygmy Lush/Des Ark Spring Tour 2011.
We are going on tour this spring across the US. We both have new LP’s coming out on Lovitt Records around the time of the tour… Pygmy Lush’s ‘Old Friends’ , and Des Ark’s ‘Don’t Rock The Boat Sink The Fucker’. Come enjoy live music and new tunes. See you in a couple weeks!!!!

March 4 – Baltimore, MD at Charm City
March 8 – Washington, DC at the Black Cat
March 9 – Richmond, VA at Strange Matter
March 10 – Chapel Hill, NC at the Nightlight
March 11 – Columbia, SC at Hunter Gatherer
March 12 – Asheville, NC at Broadway’s
March 13 – Jacksonville, FL at Warehouse 8B
March 14 – Tallahassee, FL at the Farside
March 15 – Tampa, FL at Transitions Gallery
March 16 – Gainesville, FL at the Wayward Council
March 17 – Atlanta, GA at the Drunken Unicorn
March 18 – Athens, GA at the Caledonia Lounge
March 19 – Birmingham, AL at the Spring Street Fire House
March 20 – New Orleans, LA at the Euclid Records
March 21 – Baton Rouge, LA at Perkins Parlour
March 22 – Austin, TX at Trailerspace
March 23 – Tulsa, OK at the Sound Pony
March 24 – Albuquerque, NM at Blackbird Buvette
March 25 – Phoenix, AZ at Sound Kontrol
March 26 – Los Angeles, CA at TBA
March 27 – Santa Barbara, CA at the Biko
March 28 – Oakland, CA at TBA
March 29 – Santa Rosa, CA at the Arlene Francis Center
March 30 – Portland, OR at Red and Black Café
March 31 – Olympia WA at the Northern
April 1 – Seattle, WA at Healthy Times Fun Club
April 2 – Missoula, MT at Zootown Arts
April 4 – Minneapolis, MN at TBA
April 5 – Beloit, WI at the C-Haus
April 6 – Carbondale, IL at Hangar 9
April 7 – Louisville, KY at Keswick Democratic Club
April 8 – Chicago, IL at Strangelight
April 9 – Detroit, MI at the Trumbullplex
April 10 – Cincinnati, OH at Goetz Alley
April 11 – Columbus, OH at Carabar
April 12 – Cleveland, OH at Now That’s Class
April 13 – Ithaca, NY at The GreenStar Annex
April 14 – TBA
April 15 – Boston MA at TBA
April 16 – Brooklyn, NY at the Acheron

2 thoughts on “Pygmy Lush/Des Ark updated Spring Tour dates!!!!

    we will all love you forever.
    and if you don’t…we’ll all probably go to the boston and brooklyn shows anyway

  2. Dear Pygmy Lush,
    My name is Nick with Bane Shows from Santa Cruz, California. I was wondering if I could help book March 28th in Santa Cruz, CA. Give me a response to see if you are interested.
    Thank You for your time,
    Nick Dill

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