alright folksy, here is the….well you know….the dates, cities, venues as of yet, thank you guys (seriously, fun, but serious) for emailing us, and getting in touch…hopefully everyone got some sort of response, my ass has been going thru some shit, (heh, both metaphorical and literal.) my guitars were stolen, I’ve been having some strange back pain that’s taken on new levels of hurt…lost my keys AGAIN, due to in climate conditions, I’ve been forced to gorge myself till I feel like popping, because my brain thinks I am some kinda of strange night bear, that needs to store fat for the long wintry months ahead…fortunatly (for all of us) spring is on its way, and that means warmer weather, and probably the most exciting thing that has happened to me in years…THIS RECORD, AND THIS BAND, AND DESARK, AND THEIR RECORD…..omg. this tour might rank up there in the top three, and we havent even left yet… this tour is gonna put on a clinic….

friends, these are good times.

p.s. if anybody wants to rent us a fender Rhodes at
a relatively cheap rate, please contact me.

March 4 – Baltimore, MD at Charm City
March 8 – Washington, DC at the Black Cat
March 9 – Richmond, VA at Strange Matter
March 10 – Chapel Hill, NC at the Nightlight
March 11 – Columbia, SC at Hunter Gatherer
March 12 – Asheville, NC at TBA
March 13 – Jacksonville, FL at Warehouse 8B
March 14 – Tallahassee, FL at the Farside
March 15 – Tampa, FL at Transitions Gallery
March 16 – Gainesville, FL at the Wayward Council
March 17 – Atlanta, GA at the Drunken Unicorn
March 18 – Athens, GA at the Caledonia Lounge
March 19 – Birmingham, AL at the Spring Street Fire House
March 20 – New Orleans, LA at the Euclid Records
March 21 – Baton Rouge, LA at Perkins Parlour
March 22 – Austin, TX at TBA
March 23 – Tulsa, OK at the Sound Pony
March 24 – Albuquerque, NM at Blackbird Buvette
March 25 – Phoenix, AZ at Sound Kontrol
March 26 – San Diego, CA at TBA
March 27 – Santa Barbara, CA at the Biko
March 28 – Oakland, CA at TBA
March 29 – Santa Rosa, CA at the Arlene Francis Center
March 30 – Portland, OR at Red and Black Café
March 31 – Olympia WA at the Northern
April 1 – Seattle, WA at Healthy Times Fun Club
April 2 – Missoula, MT at Zootown Arts
April 4 – Minneapolis, MN at TBA
April 5 – Beloit, WI at the C-Haus
April 6 – Carbondale, IL at Hangar 9
April 7 – Louisville, KY at Keswick Democratic Club
April 8 – Chicago, IL at Strangelight
April 9 – Detroit, MI at the Trumbullplex
April 10 – Cincinnati, OH at Goetz Alley
April 11 – Columbus, OH at Carabar
April 12 – Cleveland, OH at Now That’s Class
April 13 – Ithaca, NY at The GreenStar Annex
April 14 – Northampton, MA at TBA
April 15 – Boston MA at TBA
April 16 – Brooklyn, NY at the Acheron

One thought on “SPRING us TOUR DATES!

  1. Either March 28 – Oakland, CA at TBA or March 29 – Santa Rosa, CA at the Arlene Francis Center. Or even both!

    What a long fucking journey, but glad you guys are comin’ to Northern Ca. ❤ & c==3

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