Hello friends! I just thought i should make a quick note, that everybody who emailed me or mike about booking……first of all…..YOUR AWESOME!…..second of all…….i forwarded all of your emails and contact stuff to our friend Carla who is booking this trip, i am so swamped and freaking out about getting this record finished before its too late to press for the tour, that i neglected to get back to you guys… oh by the way, we are working on artwork, (by we i mean the dozen or so people who offered to save me from TOTAL art despair) which i am used to but nonetheless its been a little while since i’ve had any real deadlines. (my janitor gig doesnt count.) we also have a few shows coming up…soon….shit right around the corner, COME SAY HELLO!

Dec.7- Washington, DC at: Black Cat (with: our pals The Gift, Braveyoung),
Dec.10- Greensboro, NC at: Legitimate Business (with: Braveyoung),
Dec.11- Richmond, VA at: Strange Matter (with:Two Funerals, Sidekicks, and my man Josh Small!)

oh, and i am going to try and get back to you guys as soon, as this artwork stuff is fin. shoot the breeze a bit.

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