Okay three a.m. here goes….PYGMY LUSH is working on our fourth record, (third full-length) titled for now “PALS”. We’ve been lurking around the Ashburn house for about two weeks, widdling away at it, and we’re done with about ten out of fourteen written songs, with numerous lesser played singer songwritten things me and johnny have. This may sound like bad news, but Mike Taylor has only written one of these songs, but as he insists “hey i am getting a kick out of playing almost nothing, just my single note stuff and droning is all i really want.” Eric Kane of strike anywhere fame is now with us on drums which works out perfectly cause we always seem to play better together when our drummer is someone we shared a lunch table with in high school. He really GETS how to be in pygmy lush, which is to say, he won’t put up with our shit, i.e. talking conceptually about a part until we all want to jump out a window/smoking an unfair amount of cigarettes in a small wood shed/getting giddy about a over sexed drum beat that has no business being in a pygmy lush song, etc. He has this way of telling us what is not good in such a matter of fact way that the premise becomes virtually undebatable. It prompted one pygmy to nickname him “THE TRUTH”. Also, in other member news, our old drummer Mike Widman has switched to bass, an instrument much more suited to his liking, as he was essentially a stop gap drummer for over two years!! With mount hope under your belt, i’d say you played admirably and even brilliantly at times,  you took on a lot of pressure for the good of the team. Thanks Mike!

Well thats about it for now, we have a few shows in the works but nothing too far out is planned until the record comes out, and when that happens, shit is going to hit the fan my friends…shit will hit the fan….. i will shit on an electric fan.

4 thoughts on “BACK TO THE CROWD.

  1. your band sounds pretty cool and all…but what about your roommates? hurry up and write your songs and hurry home! BRING CATS!

  2. DAWN RIDDLE you just REALLY want my cats don’t you. you know what they say folks, you can lead a vet to cats, but you cant lead the cat to the vet. thats not true. its also not what “they” say but……

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